Some of the Best Marketers Aren’t Marketers


With most things once you get into it you realise that it’s not as complicated as you once thought, and that’s exactly what’s happened to me in relation to marketing. Over time I’ve gained clarity and it all seems a lot simpler than it used to. I guess as they say; on the other side of complexity lies simplicity – but I digress. One of the surprising things that I’ve learnt is that some of the best marketers aren’t actually marketers.

What I mean is that great marketing initiatives often just start out as good ideas and evolve into great marketing ideas. They tend to come from people that are most involved with the product or service in question. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat casually with someone and they’ll be saying in one breadth “I really don’t know much about marketing”, and in the next breadth come out with the most amazing ideas. I think the reason is that people have in their minds that marketing is a big mystery and forget that really it’s just spreading the word about your product or service in a way that resonates with your target audience and provokes action.

Perhaps I’m over simplifying it – it’s easy to say things are simple when you know how.  But my point is that the best marketing ideas happen organically and often emerge from a genuine passion for a product or service; a random thought whilst thinking about something completely different, an idea that comes up in conversation, a question that you suddenly realise you have the answer to. In his ebook It’s Not About the Tights: An Owners Manual on BraveryChris Brogan puts it like this;

“The seeds to larger wisdom are often planted in the soil of simple moments”

Increasingly I’m realising that my role as a marketer is simply to help people hone their own ideas and transform them from just ideas to great marketing initiatives.

I want to work with people to refine what they already have, because often times, in what they consider to be a ‘weak idea’ lies the seeds of marketing greatness.

So that being said if you need support honing your ideas give me a shout ;)

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