Endurance and longevity

endurance and longevity in business

The word endurance has been on my heart and mind quite a lot recently, perhaps it’s because I’ve been training for this bike ride and realised very quickly that short bursts of speed and high energy were not going to get me very far,  pace and endurance when the going gets tough is what’s required to go the distance.

One definition of endurance is the ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions; stamina. I believe every manager and leader needs to develop endurance in order to have longevity.

It was in my current job that I realised that my boss didn’t want a ‘superstar’ just a consistent high performer, someone that he could rely on whatever the climate to do the job and get results.

So in thinking about this topic my mind ran over one of the best business books ever written in my opinion The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by the late great Stephen R. Covey. I decided to revisit it and came across these two points, which I’ve found to be invaluable pieces of advice in my pursuit of endurance and longevity.

  1. We must not just be educated but continually re-educate and reinvent ourselves so that are skills remain relevant

  2. In business survival is always at stake but we can’t get so bogged down today that we lose sight of tomorrow. We must  always have the future in mind and make time to prepare for it.

Stephen R. Covey puts it this way; ‘the need to produce today is today’s reality and represents the demand of capital but the real mantra of success is sustainability and growth.

Speak soon :)

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