Facebook Advertising: Advertising Alive & Well Pt3

Facebook advertising 

For the 3rd post in my ongoing series Advertising Alive & Well I’ve chosen to hone in on Facebook as it’s the most popular social media network, has a well-established ad platform, is one of the most effective forms of online advertising and is one of the easiest to get started with. I did consider writing a post on the ins and outs of Facebook advertising but decided against that because there are already tonnes of very useful and comprehensive resources available. These guides describe in detail how Facebook ads work, the various types of Facebook ads, the do’s and don’ts and more, I’ve included links to a few of these resources at the end of this post. Instead I’ve decided to share 5 reasons why I think you should consider Facebook advertising, no matter what size your budget is:

1.       Popularity

No doubt you know this already but Facebook is by far the most popular social network on the planet, with 1.25billion Facebook users across the world with more than 33million of them in the UK. As such it enables you to reach pretty close to every niche group or demographic that you might want to reach.

2.       Targeting

Facebook has access to large amounts of data and insights that few other companies have. This means that you are able to target ads at a level of detail that has previously been impossible in the advertising world. Instead of keywords Facebook allows you to enter interests and demographics, which in some ways is a more human and effective way of advertising than targeting based on keywords.

3.       Affordability

You decide how much you want to pay and set daily limits. Facebook offers payment flexibility by allowing advertisers to purchase ad space based on pay-per-click (PPC) or cost–per-thousand views (CPM), this allows you to tailor your ad campaign based on budget. The famous John Wannamaker quote “I know that half my advertising works, I just don’t know which half” no longer holds true. With Facebook advertising you are able to see exactly what is working and what isn’t, you can then scale what does work and pull back on what doesn’t. This means that you can not only achieve high traffic volume to your Facebook Page or website, but more importantly, traffic that converts to action whether it’s a lead or a sale.

Advertising has become less art and more science.

4.       Image based ads and more

Pictures are far more effective at grabbing attention than text, Facebook allows you to include images in each ad which helps to increase engagement. Facebook sponsored ads are also an example of native advertising which is less intrusive than other forms of advertising as it appears very much like organic content in a timeline.

5.       A resource to learn more about your fans and customers

There is a nifty feature on Facebook Pages called Facebook insights which gives you a more detailed picture of what’s working and some indications why. Facebook Insights includes useful information such as:

  • Reach: how many people saw your ad
  • Demographics: who is actually liking, commenting, sharing your posts, are they from your target audience?
  • Benchmarking data: allows you to compare the performance of your page at various points in time
  • Where your likes have come from

Hopefully this post has given you a few reasons to consider Facebook advertising and shown you yet another example of why advertising is very much alive and well.

As promised here are a few resources that I’ve found particularly useful:

  1. 45 Fabulous Facebook Advertising Tips & Magic Marketing Tricks
    Info about selecting your campaign objectives, various Facebook advertising formats, how to control the costs of advertising on Facebook and more.
  2. Facebook ads that convert (video)
    I’m a huge fan of Sandi Krakowski, she is a Facebook advertising expert and offers a tonne of resources on how to advertise on Facebook like this video. With over 390,000 Facebook fans she not only talks the talk but walks the walk.
  3. How to master Facebook marketing in 10 days (ebook)
    More about Facebook Marketing in general with a little on Facebook advertising, as I’m such a fan of HubSpot I thought I’d share. HubSpot are inbound marketing experts and if you haven’t already I highly recommend visiting the HubSpot blog
  4. How to use the new Facebook Insights
    This post all about Facebook Insights is from Social Media Examiner another very good resource for all things social.

Speak soon,

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