Here’s to the Next Generation of Generals

God's generals

I’ve never really been into celebrity culture or had a tendency to idolise other men and women, I believe we are all frail and fallible. There are many people that I look up to and consider worthy of honour, like my parents and pastors but there is only one worthy of worship, God (Yahweh).

I do however believe that there are some great human beings in this world that we can learn from. These individuals may be near or far, prominent or obscure, but we must grasp every opportunity to learn from them, because all great leaders learn to follow first.  This requires being humble enough to serve others and learn from those that have gone before us. Working hard towards making someone else’s dream come true before realising our own, building credibility with others, being consistent and having integrity – developing character.

“Character is more important than power, power will kill you without character” – Myles Munroe

I think the definition of a great leader is subjective, for some it’s embodied in celebrities like Beyonce and for others political figures like President Obama. For me it’s simply someone  with the capacity and character to effect positive and lasting change in the lives of those they encounter. Someone that hones their gifts and utilises them to their full potential. Someone that leaves a legacy for future generations and not just an inheritance.

Great leaders are few and far between, Dr. Myles Munroe was one of them. He had many accolades but that’s not why I call him great, he was great to me because his life and work impacted me profoundly. Only a great leader can shape the lives of people they’ve never met,  and that he did.  His work introduced me to a Jesus I never knew, it taught me the purpose and power of being a women, and it enlightened me regarding  what it means to have vision and not just dreams – I encourage you to invest in his work.

Myles Munroe  passed away this week and I felt weak and utterly wounded when I heard the news. Men like him are rare and when they depart from this world it is very much our loss. I never knew him and yet I will miss him, miss the fact that we’ll never hear another sermon from him and they’ll never be another book.

Just yesterday I was thinking about the number of great prominent leaders that have passed away this year and all I could think is that God must be raising up a new army of generals. I intend to be one of them – how about you?

“The future is not ahead of you it’s inside you”- Myles Munroe

I am 32 years old and I consider that these 32 years have been training, don’t get me wrong God has blessed me with some significant wins and I am very grateful. However, I also realise that I’ve not yet got to the main event, but I see it on the horizon!

“See beyond your eyes and live for the unseen. Your vision determines your destiny” – Myles Munroe

So Here’s to the next generation of generals.

“The future is not ahead of you it’s inside you”- Myles Munroe


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