Your Small Business Needs Web Analytics

Small Business Dilemma one

The number one question I get asked by small business owners is how do I start marketing my business? There seems to be a certain mystique about marketing and people are often unsure where to start and therefore start in the wrong place. Most people start with a website when in actual fact they should start with a strategy and a plan.

Small Business Dilemma two

Once a small business owner does start marketing their products and services the next question is then, how do I know what’s working? If you already have a website you probably already have the answers to these questions, the answers will often be held in the data behind your website. This data includes things such as how many people visit your website, where they visit your website from, what they look at on your website and what they do on your website. The process of accessing and evaluation this data is called web analytics.

The data you hold in your website is a hidden gem

It often remains hidden to small businesses for 3 reasons:

    1. They don’t know that they can access this data
    2. They equate data with difficulty and don’t feel skilled enough to access and utilise the information their website holds
    3. If they have accessed the data behind their website they don’t know what to do with it

At The Business Show in London last November I presented a workshop entitled ‘Reveal and understand your web audience’. In which I provided an intro to what web analytics is, an overview of how to get started and solutions to all the dilemma’s I’ve raised above. Here it is:

In case you’re still in two minds whether to delve a little deeper into the data behind your website I’ll leave you with a few reasons that I hope will convince you:

  1. Marketing is expensive when you don’t know what’s working       Web analytics will help identify what marketing investments are achieving the desired results, without data it’s guesswork
  2. It will make decision making easier                                                                It will become clearer what you should be focusing on e.g. if website visitors are fewer than expected then it might make sense to vion increase the number of website visitors. If people are visiting your website and not buying the focus may be on converting visitors to customers.
  3. It will help you provide a better level of service                                        You’ll have insight into what your customers are most interested in and you can provide more of it
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