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Traditional Marketing is Alive and Well!

Above is a quote from the weekly content marketing twitter chat that I participated in yesterday and pretty much sums up the topic of this blog post. It’s not about the platform it’s about the content, and in that context there is a place for traditional marketing.

Although I am proficient in digital marketing I don’t describe myself as a digital marketer because I don’t like to be confined by channels. I consider myself to be a strategic marketer, I’m governed by strategy and goals and will always opt for the channels and tactics that satisfy the objectives best – sometimes this will be print and other times Pinterest.

It get’s to me when I hear fellow marketers completely disregard traditional marketing (print, broadcast, direct mail, telemarketing etc.) in favour of more modern marketing methods (social media, content marketing, affiliate marketing etc.) because I don’t think the channels were ever the problem it was more the way they were used and the marketing mindset behind their use.

Both traditional and modern marketing can co-exist, they aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact quite the opposite – they often add value to a campaign when used together as part of an integrated multichannel marketing approach.

I demonstrated how well direct marketing could work as part of modern marketing campaign in a previous post. Don’t get me wrong I’m a big fan of digital marketing and social media, but I continue to bang the drum for traditional marketig because I know there’s life in it yet. So when I saw that yesterday’s weekly Content marketing twitterchat topic was this… 

…I knew I had to chime in. I mean I love the weekly #CMWorld chat in general and attend often (If you haven’t you really should :) but this topic in particular really resonated with me. It was indeed a great chat with some great points raised, so good in fact that I wanted to share some of them with you in this week’s post:

Q1: How has traditional media become less effective? Where can content marketing fill the gap? #CMWorld

— Content Marketing (@CMIContent) January 20, 2015

When used in isolation, without context and content that creates a brand story that connects with an audience, tradtional media like broadcast and print advertising become less effective.


Some sound advice was given:  

If you want to drive a high volume of traffic to your business in a relatively short space of time, advertising is still the best way to do it.

Events can be the catalyst for a wealth of content such as video, blog posts, customer testimonials, Slideshare presentations, webinars and more.

There are still a wealth of opportunities in print:

They key is to adopt an integrted multi-channelapproach:


I really like this idea:

This pretty much hits the nail on the head:

My top tip:

So very true:

This is worth remembering:

Q6: Content is used in traditional ads. Is this content marketing? Does it even matter? #CMWorld

My view on this is simple:

So as you can see traditional marketing is very much alive and well. Don’t rule it out!

Speak soon,

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